So you’d like to be a vet?

Something totally different today, an interview with Dr Siobhan Keogh for her junior science blog.

Junior Science Blog

Yesterday, I interviewed a local vet so you can get a better insight into the work that they do – so let’s meet Orla McAlinden.

orla mcalinden

What are the best parts about being a vet? It’s very interesting, it’s a little like being a detective, following the clues: from what the owners call tell you, looking out for red herrings (things the owners tell you that are wrong, or not important), examining the patient carefully trying not to miss any vital clue and then sometimes looking at extra pieces of scientific information like blood-test results, xrays etc. All those clues add up to a “diagnostic picture” (what is most likely wrong with the animal) so you can choose the best way to help.

So tell me exactly, what is a Veterinary Surgeon? A vet is a person who looks after animals and makes them better when they’re sick, right?
Yes, that…

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