Guesting at Bleach House

I think most bookish people in Ireland would know of Bleach House Library, Ireland’s premier book blog, and of the indefatigable force of nature behind Bleach House, Margaret Bonass Madden.  It’s a mystery how Margaret manages to travel the length and breadth of the country to launches and readings and literary panel events, while managing to read and review hundreds of books per year and study for her Bachelors degree.

So I was delighted to be asked to lift a tiny part of that workload off Margaret’s shoulders and a few days later, opened my post to find a brand new, fresh-smelling copy of Jan Carson’s new collection “Children’s Children” released last week by Liberties Press. A fantastic read it was too.

You can find my review at Bleach House here


While looking for a photo of Margaret I found the one below, which I have never seen before. The four beautiful ladies on their way home from the Penguin/RTE Guide Short Story Competition last year (left to right; Yours Truly, Siobhan Kehoe, AnneMarie Miles and the wonderful Margaret Bonass Madden.)  Just after the photo was taken a charming older Dublin-lady rushed up and tried to buy a copy of the RTE Guide. We weren’t selling one but we made her day by giving her one of our freebies…then she called her friends over and we were nearly killed in a stampede for “free RTE Guides…these girls are giving away free RTE Guides”. A stiff drink was needed.



Am I right? Am I wrong? Tell me which and why?

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