Recognition for Sowilo Press and Hidden River Arts

I am so delighted to report that my friend, poet and now novelist Christine Whittemore, the 2013 Winner of the Eludia award from Hidden River Arts, Philadelphia PA, has been shortlisted for the Virginia Commonwealth University First Novel Award.  Christine’s novel Inscription was selected by Debra Leigh Scott and her team at Hidden River for publication on their Sowilo Press imprint.

It’s a wonderful, intelligent, beautifully written and expertly researched thriller set in early Christian Era Rome, and you can read my five star review here.

I am so delighted for Christine, Debra, for Miriam Seidel (cover designer) and Doug Gordon (book designer) that their great taste in books has been vindicated! It’s extra exciting for me, as I have just received my beautifully formatted book, The Accidental Wife, from Doug, for its final proof read before going to the printers.

Well done everyone. I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see your book, Orla. I must get a copy of Inscription and get reading.

  2. Thank you so much, Orla! I first saw this post on my mobile and not all the images were visible. I could see you said “well, why not?” but could not see that this referred to opening the champagne! Great idea!

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