Love, love, love…The Accidental Wife

There are so many ways to show love. Maybe you brought flowers or a gift, maybe you bought five copies (as I know some of you did!), maybe you were on the platform, telling the world my virtues, or on the platform telling the world about The Accidental Wife and how it is the best thing since sliced toast.  Maybe like my family you braved atrocious driving conditions for 5 hour round journey to spend this special evening with me.

The launch of The Accidental Wife last night was a truly wonderful evening for me surrounded by friends and family, and a big contingent of writers and bloggers and book lovers. Thanks to each and every one of you.

A special thank you to Aoife at Designer Hair who made me look like the lady on the back of my book and wouldn’t accept payment, to Ana Dorado for the amazing photography, to Margaret Scott who acted as MC and to Martin Malone who officially launched The Accidental Wife. And to all who have read or reviewed the book and sent messages of support and affection.

Just to prove to that all forms of love were fully represented: Five minutes before the kick-off my husband burst through the doors of Barker and Jones bookshop, preceded by howling wind and wet through. As he stood and dripped a small puddle onto the floor from his soaked coat and slicked the raindrops off his face, he reached into his pocket and produced a shiny, gleaming, sparkling can of ice-cold Diet Coke. As Margaret said, it’s the closest thing to the iconic Milk Tray ads she’s ever seen in her life! (And my husband says, the book is “very good”, which is strong praise indeed!

Buy the accidental wife here


  1. Dear Orla: I’m so happy for you! Though we’ve not met, I feel like a friend. Thank you for sharing the magical details of your book launch party. You made my day. Cheers, Cheryl Romo in California

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