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I don’t know how many Irish writers publish their debut novel or story collection each year, but I do know that a weekly newspaper column only happens at most 52 times per year! So that’s fifty-odd chances to break-through all the white-noise and static on social media and get noticed… even more difficult without an Irish publishing house or an agent at the helm.

I was really delighted when Sue Leonard who reviews debuts for the Beginner’s Pluck column in the Irish Examiner each Saturday got in touch out of the blue. I’d have loved to have headed into Dublin and met Sue, one of Ireland’s best-loved ghost-writers and reviewers, but Dublin Bus strike intervened and by the magical power of telephony (and how many of us actually understand how it works?) here is my Beginner’s Pluck article.

Many thanks to Sue

Find out more about The Accidental Wife here.



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  1. Dear Orla: You deserve lots of kind words. Amazon in the U.S. finally sent me a copy of your book (I had to order it twice to get one copy). Anyway, I’m reading it and can’t believe how your beautiful prose is drawing me in. My favorite story so far is “The Visit.” It’s powerful. I hope my Ruby Hands turns out as well as The Accidental Wife. Smile, Cheryl Romo

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