Bord Gais Energy Book Awards…fingers crossed

Is it indecent to have a tiny gloat in public? I’m heading off to Dublin tomorrow (on a school-day, shock, horror) to have a diet coke and a bun at the announcement of the shortlist for the annual  Short Story of the Year competition. It’s one hell of a longlist and I’m kind of stunned to be on it, to be honest! There are thirteen stories, some from writers I know and a few that I’ve not heard of yet, and that’ll soon be remedied.

Last year there were six men on the shortlist, all superb writers, but this year’s longlist has a great diversity of voices, and maybe I’ll make it through to the shortlist, to be announced around 11.30 tomorrow morning.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and for my story The Visit, starring my favourite character Alo O’Donovan from my debut collection The Accidental Wife. Several people have already asked me to write Alo’s novel, and if he pulls this out of the hat for me, maybe I will!

The bad news if that if I make it on to the shortlist tomorrow, I might well be back here in a few days time, asking you to consider voting for The Visit. The good news is, that one way or another, I’ll be directing you to the voting platform where you’ll be able to read half-a-dozen of the year’s best short stories. What’s not to like?


  1. Hi: The Visit is my favorite story in your book. Good luck with it. I hope to hear from you at some point as I seem to be in limbo with Ruby Hands. It’s driving me nuts. Smile, Cheryl Romo

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