Meet Fr Anthony O’Donovan…

A timely story from Full of Grace

Full of Grace, coming from Red Stag Books May 2019


When I wrote this story in 2017 and it was published in the Honest Ulsterman journal, several people said to me “that’s a great story…. but what on earth is all that mad stuff about the JCB and the ATM?” I guess I was unfortunately ahead of my time. in the past few weeks ATM robberies have become a commonplace.

In three weeks time the story will be republished as part of the new collection Full of Grace… here’s a little taster of one of the new characters…

Read A Real Woman from Full of Grace


full of grace cover cropped


  1. Orla

    Really enjoyed your last two books and this one appears just as promising.

    I am buying it as a gift for my cousin ordained a priest 25 years ago this month.

    I think ( hope) he will enjoy reading it as much as I have.


    • Doretta, how wonderful! Thanks so much for getting in touch. The book will be available in three weeks time! Very exciting. I hope your cousin enjoys it, it’s a brave choice!

  2. Orla: Congratulations on your new book! We look forward to reading it. Smile, Cheryl and Charley


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