Pride of place.

This won’t take long, but I simply have to share this exciting photo.

martina's bookshop

That is Martina Devlin’s bookcase!!!!! And that is my book!!!! That is all.


And if you don’t understand how excited I am, here is my five star review that I wrote last year about Martina Devlin’s novel About Sisterland.  She’s the author of 20 books and one of Ireland’s most respected journalists. When she was revealed as the anonymous judge who had selected my anonymous work in progress, The Flight of the Wren, from the slush pile for the Greenbean Novel Fair, I took the plunge and asked her to read The Accidental Wife too. Not only did she read it, but she gave me a gorgeous review and quote for the cover. And now the actual book is on her bookcase!  Happy happy day.



  1. I am v.envious. I too am a great fan of Martina Devlin. She followed me on Twitter and I was ridiculously excited!! Well done. Your book is next on my list! Lovely to see a sneaky peak at a little part of her bookshelf too!

    • I thought it was so kind of her to share that picture . Above and beyond the call of duty. I have met her once or twice since the judging of the Novel Fair, and she’s always interesting.

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