The Accidental Wife on the telly!

I’m gonna be on the telly! My children think I’m famous. Unfortunately, they are so young that they think famous automatically means “rich”. Boy, are they in for a shock.

I spent last Friday morning with Alan Brereton and a crew from the Kildare County Matters magazine show from Irish TV. It was fascinating… two hours later we had enough material to edit into a six/eight minute article. And I thought writing was slow!

We had a great time chatting about the book, and the process and all things writing related, before we got into the meat of the interview. When I finally stopped talking, Alan looked slightly shell-shocked. “Wow,” he said, “I wasn’t really expecting that.”

He’s not the first person in the last few weeks to tell me they weren’t really expecting to be so moved by my depiction of Northern Ireland during the Troubles. And I, on my part, have been surprised by how little many of my friends in the Republic of Ireland actually know about Northern Ireland’s conflict, which was only a few years ago, and just a few miles away.

Finally Alan said “I think it because there’s no big spectacular in your book. I wasn’t expecting the sensitivity….I was expecting a big bomb.”

accidental wife final cover

There’s no “spectacular” in The Accidental Wife.  It’s the story of very ordinary people trying to survive in an extraordinary time and place. I hope you enjoy it as much as Alan di, and I look forward to posting a link to the show.  Or you can watch it from the cache at Irish TV Kildare Matters in a few weeks.


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