Book club visit + signed books by Orla McAlinden

Please share and consider making a bid. I’ll send your book club five signed copies (retail price €12-16) and come and speak with you (ahem glass of wine!) afterwards.

Authors for Grenfell Tower: An Online Auction


Item: Five signed copies of The Accidental Wife and an author visit by Orla McAlinden

Details: Orla will sign five copies of her award-winning debut collection and make a visit to your reading group within Ireland to discuss it with you. The Accidental Wife is a collection of interlinking short stories set in rural Northern Ireland and is the winner of the Eludia award and the inaugural text for the Armagh Big Read 2017

Bio: Orla is a Pushcart Prize nominee, the winner of the Irish Short Story of the Year Award 2016 and the Cecil Day Lewis emerging writer 2016-17. She is working on a Famine novel and a second story collection entitled Full of Grace

Who can bid: Irish and Northern Irish bookclubs and reading groups

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  1. Splendid effort, Orla. So we’re both writing Famine novels! I do love this photo of you. Hope it gets copied, SHARED far and wide. I’ll remember to do that now I know it helps. All the best, Anne

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